May 242016

wegCPC-related researchers have been out and about again. This week, Joost van Spanje will give a talk in Exeter, UK, on “On parrots and pariahs: Legal, media and politica reactions to anti-immigration parties in Europe”. Claes de Vreese will travel to Aarhus, Denmark, on Friday to take part as committee member at Troels Boggild’s PhD defense . Last week, Katjana Gattermann attended the PADEMIA Third Annual Conference in Brussels as director of PADEMIA.

May 242016

bfqA0D_qLast week, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) announced that Claes de Vreese has been elected a member. He was a member of the Jonge Akademie  from 2009 until 2014. This is a lifelong appointment of this body which gives advice (asked or not) about science and science policy. The membership is marked with a ceremony on 12 September 2016. For more information, please see here.

May 192016

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 17.49.28.pngToday 19 May, Sanne will talk about her research at the Amsterdam Public Library as part of the Dutch Academy of Science ‘Faces of Science’ initiative. See


And on Friday 20 May, Sanne will participate in the panel “Digital Citizens” of the European Youth Event (EYE) which takes place at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. See

May 092016

Simon_photo_29Sept2010The UK will vote in a referendum on 23 June on whether to Remain in or Leave the European Union. What arguments will be most powerful in influencing public attitudes in the vote? Today, Monday 9 May, Prof Simon Hix from the London School of Economics and Political Science will give a lecture on “For and Against Brexit: A Survey Experiment of the Impact of Campaign Frames on Public Attitudes toward EU Membership”.  More information – also about registration, can be found on the website of ACCESS EUROPE, who host the lecture.

May 092016

1195995_learn_english_2CPC-related researchers have been very active in the last couple of weeks. Claes de Vreese traveled to Japan and, among other things, gave a lecture at Meiji University in Tokyo. Bert Bakker wrote a blog for the LSE European Politics and Policy website about a recent publication in European Union Politics concerning attitudes towards the EU. You can read the blog here. This Thursday, Damian Trilling will give an invited talk about the relationship between qualitative research methods and automated content analysis at a workshop on qualitative research methods in the digital era at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Apr 062016

freeimage-7987882-highOn the topic of today’s Ukraine referendum, Claes de Vreese featured in Nieuwsuur at (31.3.16), and gave interviews to ARD (Ger), DRP1 (DK), and Altinget (DK). In addition, on Tuesday evening Wouter de Nooy and Claes organised a Spui25 event on the use of referenda in the EU:

Also this week, Linda, Michael and Claes will be in Kracow for the EU COST Action network on populism ( The COST meeting is preceded by a Network of European Political Communication Scholars meeting (