Apr 062016

freeimage-7987882-highOn the topic of today’s Ukraine referendum, Claes de Vreese featured in Nieuwsuur at NOS.nl (31.3.16), and gave interviews to ARD (Ger), DRP1 (DK), and Altinget (DK). In addition, on Tuesday evening Wouter de Nooy and Claes organised a Spui25 event on the use of referenda in the EU: www.spui25.nl

Also this week, Linda, Michael and Claes will be in Kracow for the EU COST Action network on populism (www.cost.eu). The COST meeting is preceded by a Network of European Political Communication Scholars meeting (www.nepocs.eu).

Mar 292016


Following the recent beginning of a new trial against Geert Wilders, Joost van Spanje gave several interviews in the last few weeks, including interviews for de Volkskrant, Wakker Nederland, Edite Nederland and the German public broadcaster ZDF. Claes de Vreese gave interviews concerning the campaigns for the referendum on the approval of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, including interviews for Nieuwsuur and Trouw. In addition, this week several CPC-related researchers who are also involved in the Personalised Communication project will travel to New York City to visit the Data Society, Facebook and New York University. They will also participate in a conference on “Unlocking the Black Box” at Yale University (see here).

Mar 142016

bookbrugvreese.jpgOn 22 March, Wouter van der Brug and Claes de Vreese will launch their book about the (un)intended consequences of elections of the European Parliament. Their book provides an account of the consequences elections of the European Parliament. Starting in 1979, the book analyzes to what extent the elections fulfilled expectations about the impact they would have and which major consequences arose that were not foreseen by their organisers. This seminar will start with a presentation of the book by Wouter van der Brug and Claes de Vreese followed by comments by Ben Crum and Katjana Gattermann.

Date & time: Tuesday 22 March 2016 16:00 – 17:00

Location: Roeterseilandcampus (REC) E-building, room C2.03, Amsterdam

Mar 012016

auditorium-662172-mClaes de Vreese was interviewed on the campaign and referenda on European issues for an article in de Volkskrant on Saturday. Joost van Spanje was speaking at the conference “Europe’s ‘Historic Test’: Migration and the Politics of Multiculturalism in the EU” at the Colorado European Union Center of Excellence, University of Denver, Denver, CO, on Monday. His talk was about “Anti-immigrant party support and media visibility”. Later this week, Knut de Swert  and research partners will present the (Flemish) 2015 television diversity monitor and 2015 radio diversity monitor reports in Brussels.