Jul 212015

beeldmerk-avatar-nwo-roodThe Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) awards CPC researcher Katjana Gattermann with Veni Grant for her project “Facing Europe: The Personalization of European Union Politics in News Coverage and its Consequences for Democracy”. During the next three years, she will examine how political personalization in the news promotes the relationship between politicians and citizens in the European Union.

Jun 142015

CPC researcher Sanne Kruikemeier is currently 2000px-Escudo_de_la_Pontificia_Universidad_Católica_de_Chilevisiting the Faculty of Communications of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile for the Erasmus mundus exchange program. During her visit she talked to faculty members and students from the Faculty of Communications. She gave a presentation about online communication and political engagement for PhD and Erasmus Mundus students. She also gave a presentation about the use and impact of online sources in journalistic practice and a workshop about the use of eye tracking methods in communication science research for the faculty members.

Jun 052015

RensLast Wednesday, CPC researcher and professor in Communication Science specialising in media and organizations, Rens Vliegenthart gave his inaugural lecture “The influence of the media on politics and society” at the Aula  of the University of Amsterdam. During his lecture, Rens Vliegenthart discussed how the influence the media on politics and society can be measured. He argued that it is crucial to use an approach that incorporates research at the micro, meso and macro level. He notes that it is important to combine a focus on individuals, organisations and society at large.


To watch the whole lecture (in Dutch) please click on the following link: http://webcolleges.uva.nl/Mediasite/Play/61378a0561cd492a92a1990d3967fbd71d