Apr 032015

afstudeerblogBij CPC vinden we het belangrijk dat ook studenten actief onderzoek doen. Onze bachelorstudenten sluiten daarom net zoals onze masterstudenten hun opleiding af met een empirisch onderzoek. Onderzoek is teamwork, en daarom wordt in afstudeerprojecten samen aan een aantal onderwerpen gewerkt en verzamelen studenten hun data in groepjes. Zo kunnen ook grotere en interessantere projecten aangepakt worden. Op basis van deze data schrijft iedere student vervolgens een eigen, individueel onderzoeksverslag – de scriptie of BA thesis.

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Apr 022015

KayErikFriday March 27, Master students in Political Communication discussed the most recent election campaigns in the Netherlands. To fuel this discussion Marjolein Moorman and Bert Bakker invited two of the best and most well-known campaigners in the Netherlands: Kay van der Linde and Erik van Bruggen (see Kay and Erik in action in English or Dutch). Kay van der Linde is owner of Press Strategies and has worked as a campaigner in the United States (Al Gore, Rudy Gulliani) and the Netherlands (Pim Fortuyn & Rita Verdonk). Erik van Bruggen is the director of BKB, has a long history as campaigner for the Dutch Labour Party and is a prominent campaign watcher of Dutch, European and American campaigns. Together with Kay and Erik, students reflected upon the recent elections in the Netherlands. We discussed the nature of the election campaigns, the role of politicians, the role of media and the use of social media. All in all it was a fruitful and entertaining afternoon.

Mar 302015

sanne-kruikemeierHow many people are politically active on the internet? About what do politicians communicate? Can politicians win votes by using social media? Last year, Sanne Kruikemeier defended her dissertation on the political consequences of the internet at the University of Amsterdam. Tuesday, March 31, she will give a lecture at SPUI25 about the findings of her research. For more information, see the following link:



Feb 162015

shiny-brain-1254880-mOn Tuesday, February 17th , Professor Victor Lamme will give a lecture about the role of cognitive neuroscience in understanding human decision making. Professor Lamme is a leading scholar in the field of cognitive neuroscience and studies consciousness in his lab. Professor Lamme is the recipient of a € 2.3 million ERC Advanced Grant for his research on human consciousness. The lecture will commence at 14.00 hours and end around 15.15 hours. Location: REC C10.20, Nieuwe Achtergracht 166.

Feb 052015

jelleOn Monday and Tuesday, 2-3 February, the yearly 24 hours of Communication Sciences took place. CPC researcher and ASCoR PhD student Jelle Boumans won the Young Scholar Award for Best Article of 2014 in Tijdschrift voor Communicatiewetenschap, entitled “‘Safety first’ versus ‘op de barricaden’: Een inhoudsanalyse van het nucleaire debat in Nederland” (in Dutch).

Former PhD student Mathijs Elenbaas won the NESCoR Best Dissertation Award. Dr Elenbaas’ dissertation was written within the NWO funded VICI project on Communication and the EU.

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Jan 262015

bpvOn January 26th, 2015, the Foreign Press Association will be organizing its second annual debate on communication, after the very successful premiere edition that we held in January of 2014. The theme will be “Social Skills: lessons and pitfalls of social media, from journalists and spokespeople”. The event will feature short presentations about social media by international journalists and spokespeople, followed by a short debate. The event is organized by the Buitenlandse Persvereniging in cooperation with the Center for Politics and Communication and the European Commission Representation in the Netherlands.

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Jan 192015

De Persdienst woensdag 14 januari - artikelNext Thursday, January 22, Mark Boukes will defend his dissertation entitled “Spicing up politics: How soft news and infotainment form political attitudes.” In response to the recent tragedy at Charlie Hebdo in Paris Mark was interviewed for the regional Wegener-dailies (Eindhovens Dagblad, PZC, Gelderlander, Brabants Dagblad, BN/De Stem, Twentsche Courant/Tubantia and De Stentor) about why humor can hurt. A link to the article (in Dutch) can be found here.