Latest media appearances and upcoming events

Sabine Geers was interviewed in het Nederlands Dagblad (see here), by Radio 1, live in RTL Live, in an article on Kennis van NU and on Amsterdam FM. She will defend her PhD on “Informed Floating Voters? The Impact of Media on Electoral Volatility” tomorrow (see here)! Bert Bakker launched a new project “OnderbuikNL” in the NPO 2 show De Kennis van Nu (see here), was interviewed by NRC Handelsblad and wrote an opt-ed for the Groene Amsterdammer (here). Last week, Michael Hameleers was interviewed by the Greek news outlet Inside Story on the communication strategies of Wilders and the persuasiveness of populism among the public. On Wednesday, Michael will give a talk and workshop about populist communication at a symposium organized by the University of Twente. Judith Möller spoke to the youth organization of Dutch Information lawyers (NVvIR) about the societal implications of Facebook as a news source on Friday. Last Thursday she was interviewed for an article on kennis van nu (see here). Sjoerd Stolwijk was interviewed for Trouw (see here). Rens Vliegenthart participated in a debate about teaching elections and democracy to youth at the HvA (see here or here). He was also interviewed by Myrte Hilkens for ‘What the Hague’ (see first minutes of this clip). Tonight, Rens participates in debate on the elections and democratization of the Kenniscafé at the Balie (see here). On Wednesday, he will be a speaker at the Studium Generale of the TU Eindhoven (see here). Claes de Vreese was on Danish television (DR) on Monday evening, and also featured in a story, BBC World, Danish JP, Swedish TV and Finnish news.