Here you can find examples of codebooks used in various content analysis projects around the world. For each codebook, the responsible authors/contact persons are listed, as well as the language it is in and a list of keywords, indicating which media and what kind of content the codebook is about.

*Codebook “Inhoudsanalyse voor de campagne van de Tweede Kamerverkiezingen van 22 november 2006“. By Maud Adriaansen and Linda Bos (University of Amsterdam – ). In Dutch. National project (The Netherlands). Keywords: Elections, populism, newspapers, television, campaigns, leaders, actors, topics, personalisation.

* Codebook “Foreign News Project“. By Akiba Cohen (coordinator) (Tel Aviv University – ). In English. International project (17 countries). Keywords: foreign news, television news, domestication, hybrid news, countries, conflict, actors, topics, sensationalism. The main codebook is accompanied by several appendices: Appendix A (Topic List), Appendix B (Country list), Appendix C  (List of international organisations) and Appendix D (List of actor categories).

* Codebook Election campaign coverage (Flemish newspapers). By Jonas Lefevere ( In English. For more information on this content analysis project and results see Lefevere, J. (2011). Campaign effects on voter’s decision making. Proefschrift Universiteit Antwerpen. Keywords: Newspapers, Flanders, elections, campaign coverage, political actors, topics.