Active start into the new year

DSC_0340Researchers related to CPC have been very active in the first few weeks of 2016. Joost van Spanje gave a lecture at University College Maastricht. Claes de Vreese presented his research on Euroscepticism at the University of Copenhagen. He also spoke about political behavioural targeting at the “Computers, Privacy and Data Protection” Conference in Brussels (more information here). Claes will also be in London next week to speak at the conference “Reporting Europe: The UK media and the EU” (see here). Judith Möller presented a paper on media and youth mobilisation at the Annual Conference of the Media Audiences and Effects Division of the German Communication Association (DGPuK), which took place on 28-30 January in Amsterdam. The conference was hosted by  the Amsterdam School of Communication Research at the University of Amsterdam. Moreover, at this conference, Sophie Lecheler and Claes de Vreese  participated in a workshop on framing (titled: Framing in Crisis? The Future of Framing Research in Communication Studies). Further information can be found here.