Here you can find manuals that can be useful for your own content analysis research projects. Each manual is available in PDF and is accompanied by a short description. If you want to distribute these manuals to colleagues, students, etc., please use the link to this page or the file on this website. Thanks!

– Manual to conduct a media visibility analysis with Lexis Nexis/SPSS (by Rens Vliegenthart):
This manual provides guidelines for succesfully exporting data from Lexis Nexis into SPSS, and make them usable for analysis. With this manual you can count articles containing certain key terms. There is also an extended version of this document,  including counting key terms within articles. To apply this manual, you also need a syntax: this one for the basic version, and this one for the extended version.

– Calculating inter coder reliability using Krippendorff’s Alpha (by Knut De Swert):
This is a detailed and clear manual with screenshots and examples on how to do an inter coder reliability test with Krippendorff’s Alpha in SPSS. Additionally, some suggestions are included on what it means and what to do when initial reliability values turn out weak.