And the winners are…! Katjana and Linda for receiving an NWO-M grant

Congratulations to Katjana Gattermann and Linda Bos for receiving an NWO-M grant!

Katjana will work on the project “And the winner is…!? The battle for the most impactful framing of election results between media and politics in multi-party systems”

Election nights are exciting moments for politicians, journalists, and voters, but researchers still know little about what really happens on election night. Winning and losing in countries with multiple parties is rarely clear-cut. Who is actually considered a winner and who are the losers? The purpose of this project is to understand how and why politicians and journalists try to frame election results in a certain way in the immediate aftermath of democratic elections. It will also examine the extent to which such framing has effects on voter perceptions of winners and losers alongside political and media cynicism.

Linda will work together with Freddy on the project “Moral compass: how moral language of Dutch politicians and journalists guides citizens” 

Political elites use moral language to shift public debates and to persuade and mobilize voters. Despite the significant consequences of morality, little is known about how Dutch politicians use moral language, how journalists amplify this use of moral language, and how citizens’ moral judgment is shaped by public moral discourse. This project studies (1) the dynamics of moral rhetoric by Dutch political elites and journalists, and investigates (2) the impact of these moral messages on citizens. To remedy the negative consequences of moral messaging, we (3) test several interventions.