Busy weeks at CPC

Bert Bakker gave a talk at the department of Social Psychology at Tilburg University on Friday June 9, conducted research at the EO Jongerendag and ran laboratory demonstrations during the Universiteitsdag. His project OnderbuikNL was featured in Parool and Tijd for Max and he was interviewed by Hart van Nederland and De Nieuws BV about the coalition negotiations. On Friday, 10 June, Damian Trilling gave a short talk at the Amsterdam Data Science Meetup Coffee and Data “Controversy in Web Data”, based on research done together with a.o. Judith Moeller. the two of them also gave a talk at the NWO-event Bessensap, which aims at communicating research towards journalists and other stakeholders. Damian also published a blogpost on the role of algorithms. He argued that – while there are a lot of reasons to be critical – many often voiced concerns are misguided. Moreover, Claes de Vreese and Judith Moeller held presentations at the NCCR final conference, in Zurich on 15 and 16 June. Last week, Erika van Elsass, Andreas Goldberg, Joost van Spanje, and Katjana Gattermann attended the EPSA Conference in Milan, to present several papers. Earlier this week, Claes de Vreese was in Denmark for Jakob Ohme’s (former PCJ ASCoR guest) PhD defense. Sanne Kruikemeier served on the committee.