Recent events

folding-chair-1472411Damian Trilling and Sanne Kruikemeier presented their research (about eye-tracking and news sharing) during the weekend of science (Weekend van de Wetenschap) at Science Park during the weekend of science. Sanne Kruikemeier also gave a lecture at Spui25 on Thursday about e-democracy (together with the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision). Yph Lelkes gave a talk at the ERCOMER group at Utrecht University. Andreas Schuck and Penny Sheets were in Hamburg for the EMMA Board of Studies meeting. Last week Magdalena Wojcieszak and Yph Lelkes took part and present their work at a Research Workshop of the Israeli Science Foundation “New Frontiers in selective exposure research” at the University of Haifa (more information). This week Claes de Vreese will give a talk at the Journalism group meeting at SDU and next week he will give a talk at a Annenberg/Temple event, speaking in the Center for the Study of Democratic Politics series at Princeton (more information), and visiting the social media lab at NYU.