CPC summer activities: #Hotpolitics & interviews

lowlands sqBert Bakker, who is a CPC affiliate and Assistant Professor at ASCoR, conducted an innovative study together with Matthijs Rooduijn (Sociology, Utrecht University) and Gijs Schumacher (Political Science, University of Amsterdam) at the Dutch Lowlands Festival, that took place from 19 to 21 August. The purpose of their project “Politics isn’t cool. It’s HOT” was to study physiological reactions to political messages. Bert Bakker was interviewed on this project by Jurgen van den Bergh on Radio1. He and his colleagues also published a blog post and gave an interview at the University of Amsterdam (in Dutch).

Furthermore, last week Claes de Vreese was interviewed on Danish Radio1 about his new co-edited book on “Populist Political Communication in Europe“. Earlier this month, Katjana Gattermann gave an interview to Vrij Nederland/de Oplossers on post-Brexit developments in the European Union.