Election day is here!

trump__clintonToday is election day! To help celebrate (or commiserate), Bert Bakker, along with Gijs Schumacher (UvA, political science) and Matthijs Rooduijn (Utrecht University), will set-up a physiological lab during the President’s Night in the Melkweg in Amsterdam (see link here). Bert and colleagues will be measuring visitors “gut feelings” (i.e., arousal) towards Clinton and Trump.

Also, last week Bert’s research on populism as well as physiological responses to political communication was featured on the “Kennis van Nu” show. You can see the show here.

In other news…

Joost van Spanje was on ZDF Heute Journal last Monday in an item about the Wilders trial

Erik Albaek and Claes de Vreese published an op-ed in a national Danish newspaper on the relationship between media and politics, based on an edited danish language issue of a journal. The article can here viewed here.

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