Events and talks this week

Last week Sopjason-r-media-794564-mhie and Sanne (together with Yael de Haan and Renée van der Nat of the HU) gave a presentation at Trouw about their eye-tracking research and the joint research project on the use of infographics in the news.

Bert gave a talk about the psychological roots of populism in an event organized by faculty and students of the UvA’s anthropology and sociology department. Other speakers were Sarah de Lange (UvA, political science) and Hubert Smeets (NRC Handelsblad).

Claes spoke this Wednesday at the event “Elections to the European Parliament. Media, Campaigns, Spitzenkandidaten and the Rise of Euroscepticism”, hosted by the European Election Study Task force together with Ernest Maragall (MEP) in Brussels at the European Parliament.

Damian gave an invited talk (“Setting up an infrastructure for large-scale automated content analysis”) at the Computational Social Science Meetup in Berlin, organized by Freie Universität Berlin.

Next week, Sanne will give a guest lecture about Digital Diplomacy Strategies at the International Studies department of Leiden University.