Exciting week ahead

auditorium-662172-mTwo PhD candidates will defend their theses: Björn Burscher will present his thesis titled “Machine-learning based content analysis” to the thesis committee in The Aula on Wednesday; Alina Feinholdt will defend her thesis on “Fight or flight: Affective news framing effects” in the Agnietenkapel on Friday. Good luck to you both!

Rens Vligenthart and Claes de Vreese will take part in the “Avond van Wetenschap & Maatschappij” in the Ridderzaal in the Hague this evening; tomorrow Claes de Vreese will give a presentation at a seminar at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Nature of Changing (Dutch) EU attitudes. Moreover, this Friday the Amsterdam School of Communication Research hosts the RPA Communication lecture by Professor Nicholas A. Valentino (University of Michigan), on emotion, ethnocentrism / sexism, and the rise of Donald Trump.

Bert Bakker’s research on support for populists was published on the Newsweek website: “How ‘deplorable’ are Trump voters? What the data reveal”