ICA Awards for CPC members

Knut De Swert won the PolCom Best Reviewer Award at ICA. Nice to see ICA rewarding those who take the time and write good, substantive reviews for conference papers. Congrats!

Mark Boukes won the Top Faculty Paper award of the ICA Communication and Technology Division for his paper “Social Network Sites and Learning about Current Affairs Knowledge: The Impact of Twitter and Facebook Usage on the Knowledge Gap”. Congrats!

Claes de Vreese received the International Journal of Press/Politics book award for a book in the past 10 year on media, press, and politics. The book is Political Journalism in Comparative Perspective, by Erik Albaek, Arjen van Dalen, Nael Jebril and Claes. Claes was also awarded the David Swanson Career Achievement Award. It recognizes distinguished and sustained contributions to the field as planners, editors, and leaders and in roles that require time and energy, innovation, and personal dedication. The award honors David Swanson, one of the founders of Political Communication who gave exemplary service to the ICA Political Communication Division and the APSA Political Communication Section. Previous winners include Doris Graber, Wolfgang Donsbach, Patricia Moy, and Shanto Iyengar.