In the news

newsLast week, Joost van Spanje was interviewed by several Dutch and international media in relation to the outcome of the Wilders trial, including Trouw, Volkskrant and France24. Damian Trilling featured in several Dutch regional newspapers such as Dagblad van het Noorden or De Limburger; he was interviewed about Trump’s way of using Twitter. Damian also gave an extensive interview to the Austrian broadsheet Der Standard on about the role of social media in elections. Earlier, Claes de Vreese was interviewed by de Volkskrant on bans on opinion polls. Finally, the latest travel news are: Franziska Marquart was in Hohenheim on Nov 30th at the University of Stuttgart/Hohenheim, giving a lecture in the Master’s on “Advances of Audience- and Media-Effects Research”, in particularly on Selective Exposure Research. Upcoming Thursday, Tom Powell will give a talk about the use of visuals in communication to the North Holland Police research and analysis team.