Damian Trilling

Damian TrillingDamian Trilling is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication Science and affiliated with the Amsterdam School of Communication Research.

Among other things, he is interested in questions of news use and news exposure. When looking into people’s news media choices, Damian is especially interested in how selective people are: Are they increasingly looking for (online) outlets that match their existing opinions? Are we moving towards a fragmented society without a common discourse – or are we becoming better informed than ever? For instance, in his dissertation on patterns of news use in the Netherlands and in Austria, he addressed questions such as: How are citizens today informed about current affairs and events in their society? How do they combine various types of online and offline media? Which factors make them follow the news?

From a methodological point of view, Damian is interested in automated content analysis and the integration of computer science approaches in communication science. He also teaches courses in which the programming language Python is used to analyze large datasets like social media data or data scraped from the web.

Damian’s other research and teaching interest include:

  • the use of social media in poltical communication and journalism;
  • the changing role of journalism in a changing media environment;
  • news sharing and news dissemination.

Before joining ASCoR, Damian studied Communication Science, German Linguistics, and Dutch Language and Culture at the University of Münster, Germany, and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands. Outside of academia, he worked as a freelance journalist for different newspapers.

For more information about Damian, see www.damiantrilling.net