Past talks & public debate today: Who controls the algorithms?

Today, Sanne Kruikemeier will speak at SPUI25 about some of the findings from the personalised project. The event: “Who controls the algorithms?” starts at 17.00 and you can still sign up here! The panel of speakers also includes Marleen Elshof, Frederik Zuiderveen Borgesius, and Balázs Bodó.

Moreover, Claes de Vreese gave a keynote this morning at ProDemos at their Annual Inspiration Day, making a plea for more educational material and activities on the role of the (social) media in election time. Furthermore, Claes was interviewed on Fake news on Danish Radio yesterday. Last week, Bert Bakker gave a talk about the role of emotions in politics at the Ministry of Education. He also started data collection for his new project OnderbuikNL in the museum Beeld & Geluid; and gave an interview that appears on the UvA website.