Perspectives on the US Presidential Elections

bertLast week, Bert Bakker ran a small study during the President’s Night as part of his #HotPolitics project in the Melkweg (see picture, with Gijs Schumacher & Matthijs Rooduijn). Dozens of people measured how their heart rate responded when watching Trump or Clinton. Later that night, he gave a talk during the President’s Night of the Roland Holst College in Hilversum (Gooi & Eemlander). A blogpost with a first assessment of the outcome of the US elections appeared on StukRoodVlees (with Gijs Schumacher & Matthijs Rooduijn) and was covered in De Tijd. This Thursday evening, Bert will give a talk on the U.S. elections for students from Media & Culture of the UvA as part of their “kroeg college” lecture series. Last week, Claes de Vreese was interviewed in Trouw on the role of the media in the US campaign, and he co-authored (with Christian Bächler and David Hopmann) an op-ed for the online Danish political news site Altinget. Rens Vliegenthart published a blog post on StukRoodVlees (in Dutch) on the role of the Dutch media reporting about the US elections.