Perspectives on upcoming Dutch elections

CPC-related researches have been very busy with commenting on the developments and implications of the upcoming Dutch elections. Bert Bakker appeared in NPO Radio 1 Nieuws BV twice to discuss: ideological diversity in the academy (here) and as part of the weekly item Oh Oh Den Haag (here). Moreover, he was interviewed by RTL Z (here) and the NPO podcast “Hier Hoor je Hoe het Echt Zit” (here). Mark Boukes was interviewed by NOS about the role of celebrities in motivating youngsters to vote (see here). Tom Dobber was interviewed on radio 1 last Sunday evening to talk about microtargeting in NL and US. If you’re interested (you can listen to it here). Jasper van de Pol gave several interviews regarding the role of voting advice applications, including for Radio 1, Radio 2, NOS, Algemeen Dagblad, and Claes de Vreese was interviewed on the Dutch elections by Danish Radio 1, on youth participation in de Telegraaf, trolls en bots in AD, and featured in an interview in de Volkskrant on Saturday.