ERC Europinions

The EUROPINIONS project studies the causes and consequences of change in public opinion about the European Union. 

Europinions team

Public opinion towards European integration and the EU is divided, especially in light of the economic crisis. From being a consensual topic with stable and broad support, it is now a point of contention with rapidly changing opinions. The future of European integration requires public support, but not enough is known about what drives and changes this support. This project studies the causes and consequences of EU opinions. Opinions may change due to global developments, national politics and personal experiences, but also in response to new information from the (social) media and communication between people. The central question in this study is when, how, for whom, and with what consequences communications affect changes in public opinion on Europe.

The Europinions team is currently conducting an extensive data collection, including a multi-country panel survey, media content analysis, and multiple experiments. [We have just finished the first wave of our panel survey in the Netherlands and are in the process of planning upcoming surveys in a variety of additional EU countries]

At the moment, Franzi is on a research visit at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense where she develops and applies novel experimental methods.

 We presented our work at several international conferences in 2016 and 2017, including the ICA in San Diego, EPSA in Milan, ECPR in Oslo, WAPOR in Barcelona, and ECREA in Odense. In 2018, we will co-organize a workshop at the ECPR Joint Sessions in Nicosia on the political consequences of Euroscepticism (paper proposals welcome, deadline December 6).



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