Talk: Public television news broadcasters: beacons of quality?

On Tuesday, 17/10 Knut De Swert presented some of his current research on television news at an Amsterdam Research Initiative meeting, together with Ine Kuypers from the University of Antwerp. The title of their talk was: Public television news broadcasters: beacons of quality? An 18 country cross-European comparison.

Here is the abstract of the talk: We often coin the term “the news” as if it was something we all share cross-nationally. However, research indicates that “the news” can differ significantly in content and form between countries and between media outlets. This presentation will draw on data from a 2016 quantitative content analysis of television news content across Europe, pointing out the main differences and similarities. Moreover, some factors that may explain certain differences (like a competitive market, or the public vs private nature of the news broadcasters) are explored, and future research avenues are discussed.