Talks and travels

A busy week for CPC-members:

Claes participated this weekend in the 10th anniversary of the Department of Media and Communication of Hong Kong City University. He spoke at the anniversary forum on Saturday and delivered an invited talk on Studying News and Journalism in a Data Society during the Sunday conference. Thursday, Claes will be part of the 9th edition of EuroPCom, titled“Campaigning for Europe”.

Katjana will attend EuroPCom as well.

Michael will be in Copenhagen on Thursday and Friday for a workshop on populist communication.

Judith co-organized a pre-conference on diversity in the algorithmic age together with Edda Humprecht (Univeristät Zürich) and Natali Helberger (IVIR).

Damian, Jakob, Magdalena, CK, and Judith participated in a workshop on tracking data from mobile media usage.