Talks and Travels January

Claes participated in his first ICA executive board meeting in Washington DC.

Bert will give a talk at the “Mannheim Open Science Conference” titled: “Ideological Differences in Threat Sensitivity: Two Conceptual and a Pre-Registered Direct Replication” (co-authored with Kevin Arceneaux & Gijs Schumacher)

Andreas (Schuck) gave a presentation about the effects of election coverage on turnout of young voters at a workshop on political projections with Keren Tenenboim-Weinblatt at the VU.

Mark participated in the Academy Colloquium “The Audience Turn in Journalism” as a discussant.

Michael was interviewed by, and covered in, different Dutch media (EenVandaag, het Parool, NAP Nieuws) on the prime-minister’s recent (populist) statements.