Visitors from the University of Southern Denmark

University_of_Southern_Denmark-logoThis January, Erik Albæk, Camilla Bjarnøe Jensen, Jakob Ohme and Kim Andersen from the Centre of Journalism at the University of Southern Denmark, Odense, will be visiting ASCoR for several weeks. Welcome!

Erik Albæk

Erik is a professor of journalism and political science at the University of Southern Denmark who revisits ASCoR – again and again. Here was here in 2009 and 2013. As then he now brings along young colleagues (PhD students Jakob and Kim and Post.Doc. Camilla) who work on the research project Communication and Public Engagement of which Erik is principle investigator together with Claes de Vreese. More about Erik here:

Camilla Bjarnøe Jensen

Camilla is currently wrapping up her Dissertation about framing and reframing of policy questions in which she focuses on the link between frames, their policy positions, and political parties ( ‘the triangle of frames in communication’). She is Post Doc on the Communication and Public Engagement project, focusing on the role of conflict framing and conflict avoidance for interpersonal communication and participation. More about Camilla here:

Jakob Ohme

Jakob is working on his dissertation which focuses on whether a new media environment also shapes new citizens. He is thereby especially interested to explore how the exposure to information on social media affects the participation of citizens in a society. Since mobile communication is one of his other research interests, the assessment of exposure to information on social media is measured with a newly developed app. More about Jakob here:

Kim Andersen

In his dissertation Kim examines how entertainment in news dissemination affect citizens’ political engagement. In addition Kim is doing research on effects of interpersonal political communication and different methodological issues in relation to communication research, such as measuring media use and conducting content analyses. More about Kim here: